The last 12 months have ushered in a new wave of uncertainty for retailers. Already grappling with challenges created by Amazon’s near relentless drive to dominate the consumer wallet, retailers find themselves faced with a new level of unpredictability at the hands of political forces including Brexit and Trump. In this climate where the only certainty is uncertainty, where should retailers focus?

At eCommera, we want to help retailers answer the question ‘what should I be doing now, to ensure the success of my business over the longer term?’ So, we invited an economist, a psychologist and a futurologist into our local to discuss key topics and importantly what retailers should be doing now, in 2017 to prepare for the uncertain future.

Access the full report and gain valuable tips on:
  • Where to focus in the Brexit economy
  • How to create value for both consumers and retailers
  • How to adapt your store for the future
Debate highlights: The definition of value

A conceptual shift in the notion of value has taken place in the hearts and minds of consumers since the financial crisis of 2008; Our experts agreed that retailers need to understand this in the context of their longer-term strategy.

Watch the video to learn why it is essential for retailers to:

  • Define a clear value proposition
  • Communicate their brand value at every touch point
  • Carefully consider pricing strategies

Debate highlights: The economy and retail

We asked our experts what retailers should be doing in the context of rising costs and uncertainty among consumers.

Watch this video to find out:

  • Where to focus in today's economy
  • The impact of uncertainty on consumer behaviour
  • Where to invest
Debate highlights: The future of the store

While none of our experts felt that the supposed 'death of the high street' was a real concern, they agreed that its transition to a more experience-led and dynamic environment was already well underway.

Highlights of the video include: 

  • The role of the store in the customer journey
  • How to approach digital in-store
  • Evidence that industry is still being plagued by 'channel thinking'