With new technologies, competitors and services models disrupting the market all the time, the retail landscape is becoming increasingly complex. “Innovation” is often touted as a way for retailers to stay ahead of the curve and outdo their competitors; but is it really the answer – the new retail superpower?

To find out, we surveyed 500 European fashion retailers on how well they are delivering on the fundamentals of retail – from delivery on promise to peak trading – as well as the extent to which they are driving innovation in their business.

Download the full report to discover the key findings and gain valuable tips and insight, including:

  • Retailers are still struggling with the basics - for example, on average only 78% of orders are delivered on time
  • Despite this, retailers are often focusing on innovation, with 54% viewing it as a business priority
  • There are several barriers to true innovation, including lack of time, investment, and clarity
Is innovation the new retail superpower?
A survey of 500 European fashion retailers